Tuesday, October 23, 2018


Tam wanted to know what range my target was at.

8 yards.  Sorry.  I try to remember to put that in there.

I do shoot at 25 yards as well, sometimes, and if my 25 yard targets looked as good as those targets Tam asked about I'd be ECSTATIC.

This is a typical 8 and 25 yard target.

Why 8 and 25?  Why not 7?  Or 30?  The range I go to, 8 and 25 are the minimum and maximum ranges.  And they are actually measures in feet.  25 feet and 75 feet.  You are supposed to extend your target at least to the 25 foot line, and I don't like to get cross threaded with the range folks.

They know me, now.  By name.  They rarely inspect my firearms when I come in (if you have a loaded magazine in your gatt when you get to the counter?  that's a big no-no.)  And they know I am less likely to hit the target trolley, the wall, or the table in front of me with an errant round.

The typical range patron I see there is hitting that 25 yard pattern at 8 yards.  Or worse, of course.  Often much worse.  Another reason the range staff likes me.  I can stay in my lane, so to speak. 

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