Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Trigger Pull

Trigger pull.  Sometimes when my shooting goes off the rails and I get flinchy I have to trick myself.  Distract myself.  To get a better trigger pull.  This helps.  But I'd rather not need it.

I'd rather regularly shoot well week after week.  But it's a constant struggle to get better.  It's not like tying your shoes well.  So far.  Where once you are good at it you don't have to think about it.

Distraction methods.
  • Make the gun wobble.  Random figure eights all over the place. 
  • Pin the trigger back and catch the reset, either after the gun settles (meh) or during the recoil.  I'd love to one day be able to dispense with this one.
  • Some folks sing a song.  Girl from Ipanema.  In your head or out loud.  
  • My favorite is telling myself "F it!  Just SHOOT it, you been here before."
Is this a cheat, a crutch?  Oh, yes.  What's it doing?  Causing the surprise break.  But it's not ideal.  You have to change methods as you get used to the latest.  I'd rather just have the trigger come naturally.

And it probably won't.  Not ever.  I don't have that talent.   I will pursue it, yes.  I may be able to quickly correct a trigger pull on the fly.  But never will I be perfect.

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Observer said...

I have the same problem with flinching. My preferred carry gun is a Colt lightweight Commander in .45. I do most of my practice with a Ciener Platinum Cup 22LR slide & barrel on my series 70 Gold Cup lower. The weight difference is only about an ounce. I'll do 60 rounds with the 22, then 9-18 rounds (8 rd mags) with the 45. I draw and shoot from concealment at a 6" steel gong at 5-7 yds. It is working well.