Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I'm a VZ Grips guy.  I like em.  So is the gunsmith.  He likes em.  Gonna to continue to be a customer in the future. 

But there are other really good grip makers besides VZ I might occasionally turn to or drool over.  One is Altamont.  Only discovered them recently.  They have some handsome grips.  I mean, LOOK at this Olivewood:



Bob said...

It's a beautiful wood, with dark brown streaking on lighter brown background - - every tourist town in Spain features lovely souvenirs made of it, salad bowls and Nativity scenes being particularly popular. I made a knife using olive for the handle scales - - it smells wonderfully of olives when sanded.

Mike V said...

The grips are nice, the engraving on the pistol made me have a bad case of the wants.