Thursday, October 11, 2018

Push out

I was taught a new trick in sim training.

Let's say you are presented with a spree shooter.  And you shoot his pixels and put him down.  Now you want to look behind you, check your six, as you are pretty sure bad guy is down down, but you never know.

You want to look around, but you also want to be able to engage the bad guy if it turns out he has some fight in him.

How do?

One way is to draw the gun back into the Sul position and scan around you.  Here is a cop doing that.

And that's fine.  You can get your gun back up on target pretty quick that way.  It's a good idea if there are still good guys milling about or the bad guy has a sneak partner.

Or... and here is the trick, you can keep holding your pistol on the target strong hand only, bring your support hand into your chest, and look over your shoulder on the support hand side.

Ok, that's not the trick.

When you turn back to look at the target your gun isn't pointing where you were aiming before the head turn.  It will be if you push the gun OUT...  Extend your elbow...  As you look back.  Then when you face forward and bring your hands together on the pistol grip the gun draws back into your regular position, and... shazam!  It's pointing pretty much at the same place.  Same POA

When told, I thought there was NO way that would work.  But it do. 

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Thud said...

Cool, not much use to me sadly as our lovely govt took my handguns in 96, shotties only now.