Saturday, October 6, 2018

Pistol Sights

Pistol sights.  My preferences have changed and I have progressed and gotten better at shooting.

I am now: Black read sigh with a rounded bottom, and a front sight with a contrasting color or fiber, but now glow in the dark tritium necessary.  10-8 offers this, if you want to see or what I am talking about, but here is a pic from them:

Someone is focusing on the front sight.

My gunsmith convinced me on that.  And I get good results with that.

When I started this blog and shooting I was a 3-dot guy.  Preferably tritium.

But maybe those are too busy and distracting.  If only for a micro second.  They are fine, and I train in the simulator with a variety of sight configuration, I just now prefer the top for my own stuff.  Back in the day I imagined the tritium 3-dot would make night time repel-prowler situations in my dark house batter, but I'd prolly be better served with a flashlight for that.  My thinking has evolved

There was a time when this is the way I rolled:

XS-Sights.  With the BIG honking front sight.  Tam said something like, "you can't hit anything beyond 7 yard with that.  What if your bad guy is shooting at you from 30 yards away?  Yer F-ed!"  I was already F-ed, as I couldn't, then, hit something that far away anyhow.  So we were both right.   But I don't run XS sights now.  

I am not against glow in the dark sights now.  Just not the MONDO huge ones.  The only thing wrong with them is price and they are hard to remove if you used red loctite on them.  The torch work to break the loctite causes your gun to turn into a radioactive Superfund site in some situations.  Anyhoo, I got better.

My H9 came with a pretty big trijicon front sight, so I swapped it.  If I were Hudson I might offer a choice for that. 


Ratus said...

"...causes your gun to turn into a radioactive Superfund site in some situations."

Nope, the amount of tritium in a sight is so small as to be almost insignificant.

And if you ingested the whole amount, it has "a short biological half-life in the human body of 7 to 14 days".

Ratus said...

I prefer the "dot the I” or “Von Stavenhagen sights" like on most Kahr guns or SiGs.

Bradley said...

Ran more than a few IDPA and USPSA matches with the X-S big dot sights, I did fine with them, would hit the steel poppers at 25-30 feet and man sized targets at 45 yards.

I know they are not super precise 100 yard head shot sights, but for most close in IDPA and USPSA type shooting, and thus most defensive shooting they will work great. IF you are being shot at from 50yards away, I would think it is better to get behind some cover and get the Police in route ASAP.

Tam said...

"Tam said something like, "you can hit anything beyond 7 yard with that...""

It's weird you think that's what I said. Huh.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

oops, typo


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I went and looked it up. Tam's exact quote was: "Tried 'em. Went back to regular notch & post.

They were 'really fast on close, big targets', just as I was told. Of course, so is just getting a coarse visual index. Or point shooting.

And they were inferior for every other use where I might actually need the sights."

then: "Have you sought some professional instruction?"

Good advice

Firehand said...

I like glow-in-the-dark front sights, but I wish it were easier to find that with a plain rear sight.