Monday, October 8, 2018

It all goes to the SAME landfill

If my local trashman ever gives me guff over the recycling ima start dumping everything in the creek.

Just take my garbage. 

MAYBE the aluminum actually gets recycled.  There is money in that.  I've seen you dump the rest of that stuff in the same truck.  To go to the same dump.  All mixed together. 

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Will said...

Mostly these days trash doesn't go directly into the ground. It gets sorted for recyclable material first.

My local town just swapped out the trash collection company and provided new bi-fold lid, dual compartment rolling bins. With the proper setup in the truck, they can be dumped individually, but a close look at the truck shows that they aren't currently doing this.

I suspect the problem is that about the time they got this all prepped for rollout, China refused to accept any more plastic, and that knocked the legs out from recycling. Not sure if paper/cardboard is included in that, but I noticed the local cardboard recycle facility has bales of compressed paper sitting in the sun so long that they are getting sun bleached.

Aluminum can recycling is now a joke. The can makers reduced the metal thickness to 1/3 what it used to be, but since most recycle places are still paying for the original formula of x number of cans per pound, you are now getting only 1/3 of the previous value. Not worth the time, effort, and gasoline to bother with.