Thursday, May 21, 2020

Bupkis catching up

I got no blog fodder.

Thanks to the Chinee Rona, I haven't wanted for fodder for weeks and weeks.  It's a record.  There was a time where I came up empty every Monday, so it's been a decent run, actually.

Now the free associate comes in...  Books?  No fodder.  I am reading about a monk near Lincoln that solves crimes in 1066.  Heretics of De'Ath.  But no blog fodder, there.  Movies?  Haven't watched much.  Last one was Knives Out.  Which was decently entertaining.  Tried to make fun of Trump with it's characters but ends up subverting itself.  Trump does that without trying.  The ol' 'I'm rubber, you're glue' strategy.  So what I am saying was that it was entertaining in SPITE of the purposely annoying bits that self-sabotage.   It's fun seeing James Bond talk like Foghorn Leghorn.

But see?   Off topic.

I already talked about SCOTUS looking for a 2A case this term.  Which fills me with both thrilling expectation AND trepidation.

Conditions of the lockdown are loosening some, even in my state, hit middling hard.  Nobody is accusing Governor Hogan of policies that ended up deliberately endangering nursing home residents, like they are with Governor Cuomo and Whitmer, but even if no such policy is in place, our nursing homes took the Covid in the shorts.  So maybe even if Whitmer and Cuomo DIDN'T screw up, they'd have at least a similar shambles.  To one degree or another.

Not that I want to excuse either of them tyrants.  Hogan isn't even that high on my list, he's indulged because alternatives are worse.

I do want to know what Maryland's policy was.  We know from stated policy that regarding Nursing Home the gov ordered "do what the health secretary says!"  Did we get New York Outcomes with Florida Policies, or were what the Secretary-Stated policies close to New York's anyway?

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JayNola said...

How many crime solving monks were there? I've read years ago and recently have been watching the Cadfael series on prime. It's good stuff. Military vet hangs up his sword and dons a robe after a life fighting in the middle east.