Monday, May 4, 2020

They got the Chinese bug

"After exposure, didn't know it, had no symptoms, and recovered with no difficulty."

You've all heard reports like that.  If true, it is great news.  If.  I don't trust the veracity of most of the very good or very bad news anymore.  I barely trust the middling news.  Sweeping conclusion-guesses on little data is only part of it.  Ration of static to signal is another. 

Anyway.  Beyond Covid 19.  Does this sort of thing happen frequently?  In my fiddy years have I been exposed to scores of varieties of virii I have no antibodies for, contracted said virii, but my immune system fought off the buggers without me even noticing or exhibiting the least symptom?

Is this just normal operating procedure?

If so, this is kinda neato.

It'd be cool if one day science could have a quick and easy test of a person's blood and catalog all the hordes of anti-bodies accumulated due to successful exposure outcomes.  I remember getting chicken pox, and I've had flu a time or two in my life, and a head cold more, so those would be there.  All my vaccinations would show.  But then a big long list of mystery exposures listed. 

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Will said...

You could check out what Michael has to say on the subject. He has several posts on the virus. No wishy-washy viewpoints on this subject!