Tuesday, May 26, 2020

This week is momentous

At work.  A banner week

Lots of folks that took time off I work with are coming back.  Yes, from the Rona fears, but also one had back surgery in early January.   Timed that surgery well.  Those of you that know folks that get vertebra fused together know recovery takes a while.  Plus you need a few days to get off your morphine habit. 

So that'll be fun.  Getting the band back together.


Grocery stores round here are still iffy.  But.  I've seen TP on more than one occasion.  I've gotten yeast.  Flour is back, just not overloaded with it. 

'Normal' will be "Terlet paper there every trip, and hand sanitized and disinfectant wipes are on the shelves too" I guess.


My brother is in the Navy.  He has taken advantage of all this to grow a Grizzly Adams beard.  Good and bushy, but he had a baldspot on the front of the chin.  It's weird. 


I miss the range.

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