Friday, May 8, 2020

Regarding General Flynn

Obviously, Barack Obama is at the center of all the FBI criminality we are looking at, post Flynn vindication.  Looks like the former president committed major crimes on his way out that would have made Nixon blush in shame.

Go after Obama?  Naw.  What Trump should do is let his AG go after everyone, but cut the Obama prosecution off at the knees and preemptively pardon him for any crimes he may have committed, ala Ford.  Like, do this next week/month.  Trump should claim he is trying to 'heal' the nation.  It makes Trump look merciful and make Obama look SUPER guilty without garnering him or the Democrats any sympathy if he is the target of a LONG investigation.

Then go after everyone else involved and throw them in Leavenworth.

The sputtering will be epic.  "I don't need a pardon" he insists.  Oh?  you want to bring this up now that you are out and safe?  Ok. Let's examine YOUR role then...

Obama can't win, and Trump can't lose. Folks that want to see Obama imprisoned for his crimes will enjoy watching him squirm over a pardon just as much.  And that he owes everything he has after today to Trump.

"a pardon carries an imputation of guilt and that its acceptance carries a confession of guilt"


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Antibubba said...

I can't imagine Trump being this subtle, or being able to end his one-sided feud with Obama.

McChuck said...

That's genius!