Monday, May 18, 2020

Wuhan Coronavirus AAR

Two years from now, when the dust settles, what will be the After Action Report for this pandemic?

A buncha obvious ones.  Don't trust China.  Have extra TP and masks at home, just in case.  Keep up with the good handwashening techniques all the time for the next hundred years, minumum.  All that.  I don't think it will be "NEVER EVER go to a live concert again."

Two years from now we will better know what degree of shutdown will be optimal, but we don't know what this level is now.  We are still finding out.

My personal biggest takeaway will be...  Avoid going to a nursing home for as long as possible.  Absolute death traps depending on the policy of you governor, and that policy is out of your control.  If you were in a nursing home in New York on January 2020 your life expectancy is VERY different than if you had moved to Florida for your nursing home needs.  And that is arbitrary and scary to T-Bolt, 30 years from now.

What else?  Keep CDC focused on the D part of their name.  That D stands Disease.  Not "advocate for gun bans".  We gunnie types have known that for a while, naturally, but now we can better convince the straights that CDC got out over their skis. 


Anonymous said...

Take it from someone that did contracting work in nursing homes. Absolutely dreadful places...and these were some premier facilities in the state. If ever there was a choice between a bullet in the brain or spending all my remaining days in one of those places, gimme the bullet!

McChuck said...

Mask use by the general public, at this point, is simply virtue signaling. The virus isn’t going away anytime soon. It will just mutate into slightly different forms and keep propagating.

Are you wearing a mask today? Why, when you did not wear a mask for the 2018 flu season, which killed 80,000 Americans?

If you’re not willing to wear a mask forever, why are you wearing it today?

Eck! said...


It was 34,000 flu deaths for the 2018 season (a full year).

Currently CV19 is over 87,000 and the season is just
warming up. By Labor day the best guess is around
160,000 to 190,000 at the current rate, or worse.

Just facts, annoying, but such it is.


Antibubba said...

I had plenty of TP (but I got another package, JIC. I had a lot of masks, but not enough. Plenty of gloves. And a 2-liter bottle of hand sanitizer I bought after SARS (it keeps very well).

As for wearing a mask, McChuck, I don't take umbrage when restaurants require me to wear a shirt and shoes. As for why I don't wear it during flu season (I bought them for wildfire smoke), one, because there's a flu vaccine, and two, I'm not trying to keep from getting sick. These surgical masks have never been about filtering masks out. It's always been about trying to not sicken others. Look at all the mask wearing in Asian countries prior to COVID. They were worn by sick people. I wouldn't mind at all if that took off here. Andsince I could be sick, not know it, and STILL infect others I'm going to keep wearing mine.

McChuck said...

Eck - The CDC said it was over 80,000. Who do you get your numbers from? By the way, in 1998, there were over 100,00 flu deaths, from a population of around 275 million.

Antibubba - Thanks for making my point about virtue signaling.