Sunday, May 3, 2020

Law == Force

So she will have her cops shoot and kill people that defy her will and commit the crime of... visiting people and drinking a beer?

You dared to have a drink at a friends house and now you are dead because you wouldn't follow her rules.


McChuck said...

"If you're too close together for a couple hours, we will send more men to pack you in tighter, and then force you into a place with a thousand strangers all living next to each other 24/7 for the next thirty days."

Can't argue with that logic.

Old 1811 said...

Actually, these "house parties" aren't the neighbors stopping over for a beer and a few brats. They're dozens of people packed inside a house, more like a rave than a "house party," and they've generated a few shootings, since they're mostly gang related. (Again, not like your average neighborhood "house party.")
And the cops aren't going to shoot anybody over them, either. They will (maybe) try to break them up, and (maybe) issue a few citations, but that's about it. In today's political climate, any police who try to enforce any laws in Chicago are gambling with their jobs, their homes, and their freedom.

Old 1811 said...

I just read that five people were shot at a "house party" on the West Side of Chicago yesterday. If that's your idea of a neighborhood beer-and-brats get-together, don't bother to send me an invite. My RSVP will be, "No, thanks," but it won't be "Regrets."

Mr. Engineering Johnson said...

Most of what Chicago politicians say behind a podium is for show. The more sound and fury, the less it signifies. They know the police can’t/won’t enforce this and even if they could, it wouldn’t deter most people. They say it because there pictures of “house parties” out in the media and not saying anything makes it look like they are doing nothing.
In the end you will have cops show up at a few rowdy parties, people with warrants will run, couple belligerent drunks get arrested, the mood gets ruined for about an hour. Cops report breaking up a gathering and leave to book in the drunks for the night. Then everyone left starts partying again while the incident gets added to the statistics of “successfully” protecting people from the pandemic.