Tuesday, May 19, 2020

No Range Time

I haven't been to the range in a while.  I can feel my meager skills fading.  I'm sure I can sharpen them up, but that entails going shooting.

I haven't even swung by my range.  Larry Hogan, the Guv, left gun stores open as essential bidnesses.  And my range is also a gun store.  Let me swing by, now, virtually...  Nope, store is open but range is closed.

No matter.  I wasn't going to go anyway until this clears up a bit more.

"Why, T-Bolt?  Do you hate freedom?  Are you scared?"

Well, no, but...  I have gone to work in an office with a full compliment of people every workday without fail.  Other parts of the enterprise have either been non-essential and stayed home throughout, or went alternating watches.  Half come in one week, the other half the next week.  Not us.  Too much stuff to keep running.  We are like the electric company.  People don't like it when you turn off their power for seven days every other week, they don't like it when I don't do my stuff.  Keeping my part of the whole IT department running.

Well, it would be bad if I went to the range and caught the Sino Lung-AIDS, then spread it to co-workers.  Or went to a restaurant, or a bowling alley, or what have you.  Management would forbid it  if they had the power to, but the hell with them.  They have done a poor job during this whole thing, and would piddle on them if their hair was on fire.  No, I refrain from going so as not to endanger my co-workers.  Not for me, not for management, but for them.  And to keep them servers running.  If the lot of us went down sick at once that would be sub-optimal.

I don't like how this whole thing went down, but I don't want to be inconsiderate to my co-workers.



McChuck said...

And that's how freedom dies. It's for the children. It's to keep Granny safe. It's to help others. It's for public health and safety. It's for the security of the State.

I understand. Really, I do. But the Kung Flu isn't even as bad as the normal flu. 80,000 Americans died of the flu two years ago. Did we shut everything down then? Did anybody (other than the families involved) even notice?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm not doing it for Granny, or for the wee bairns. I don't like either of thems, and they can pound sand. I am doing it to be polite to the people I am with every day.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I also refrain from wiping my nose on my neighbors coat sleeve during non-WuFlu Cold Season.

I mean, why wipe on my OWN sleeve? It looks awful.

But no, that's not polite.