Friday, May 8, 2020


Ok, what did he do wrong?

Minor issue, played the piano.  Fixing his position to anyone familiar with the derelict building and it's contents in earshot.

He fled.  Good.  Looks like he's got a .22 bolt action, and he's alone.  (Keep your finger off the trigger buddy, I bet there is no more ammo down at the store.)  But he fled in a straight line out in the open.  Keep to cover.

Fire at night in hostile country.  Shoulda cold camped, even with the discomfort.

"You got no weapons, that means you're not here to kill me."  He is close enough to you that he could get your rifle and kill you with it.  He has a weapon.  There are sticks and rocks all about.  He has a weapon.  He can throttle you with his hands.  He may well have a WWI era bayonet in his boot the way you searched him.

Let his guard down.  Out of lonliness, and what can you do about that?  Lonliness can getcha kilt tho.

Traps?  Good.  Why didn't it get the mute guy, tho...?

Yeah, madness is not a good survival skill.

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