Friday, May 22, 2020

Disc Shaped Hole

I mentioned Heretics of De'Ath, a Brother Hermitage book, a monk at De'Ath's Dingle monastary.  Solving murders in 1066, Ye Olde England.

I am reading that book because I have a Terry Pratchett sized hole in my reading pile.  Nothing can replace Terry, obviously, but I am looking.  Maybe Howard Warwick can help.  So far, it is clever, but not Pratchett clever.  The humor sneaks up on you, and you have to be a bit wise in the ways of the world.  A start, but not a rip roaring hilarious romp.  Still, it's the first book of a series.  I may well let Howard of Warwick find his footing.   It's good enough to make me just go ahead and buy book 2.   (the first two are $.99 on Kindle, so... easy enough decision, pocketbook-wise.) 

But what about YOU?  Any of you find a book or series that comes close to tickling your fancy like the Discworld did?  I need something like that.


Wait, there is this.


McChuck said...

The Garrett P.I. series, sadly now complete. Not so much humor, but the world building going on in the background is terrific. Everything that happens, stays happened. And there are always, always consequences.

PM said...

I would endorse Jasper Fforde, from the reader list - start with the Eyre Affair.
Also Tom Holt (