Friday, May 1, 2020

How I become part of the problem

I eat bacon and eggs.  I normally store the bacon and eggs I am going to eat in two weeks at the grocery store.  There in the refrigerator cabinet there that holds it for me.

But because there appear to be shortage on that shelf, I get worried.  When I go shopping in two weeks will there be fewer choices of thick cut?  No extra large eggs laid by organically fed happy hens?  There was bacon last week, but few eggs.  There is plenty of eggs this week, but low on bacon...  Maybe instead of storing my bacon and eggs for May, here, at Harris Tweeter, I'll store them in my fridge at home.

I have no idea if the guys killing pigs or gathering eggs are going to be able to keep that up.

Yeah, I better get all of May's now.  Maybe some of June.

BOOM!  Same amount of eggs and bacon in the world, but it looks all gone because it is in a million packed home refrigerators.

Same with the other stuff.

Now, if the pig and chicken farmer DO fail as a business and have to close.  And no one else steps up to take their place.  Yeah, I might never see another egg I don't rob myself, from a nest.  But I don't think that is going to happen.  I think all this blows over, sooner or later.  I hope sooner.


Grocery Report:

No pork chops.  Or pork.
No chicken thighs.
Otherwise meat was ok. 

Hey, look, baloney!

A tiny bit of flour, no yeast yet.  People at work say their grocery is low on spices, but mine was fine. 

A tiny bit of paper towels

Not much regular cooking oil

No TP.


The Neon Madman said...

I am pretty well stocked up, but without a chest freezer, which are totally unavailable right now, I can only keep so much on hand. Still, I am pretty comfortable for a two week or so stretch. Also, here in semi-rural Wisconsin, we have a fair number of local processors and butcher shops in a 50 mile radius to help with the supply.

Still, I can't predict which way things will go. I suspect the situation (and not just the food supply issue) is being a little overblown by the constant fear-mongering in the media.

ProudHillbilly said...

It puts you in a quandary. Don't want to hoard, but hoarders create a situation where you really need to hoard to keep ahead of the hoarders. I'm fortunate that I live in an area of artisan farmers, and my eggs come from a lady who keeps chickens as pets. But tp is still rare. And since I'm finally getting through the last of the pre-crazy Costco run I'm inclined to pick it up when I see it. In other words, to hoard.