Monday, May 11, 2020

Panic buying ammo

April was a good month for gun sales.  And at the beginning of this panic ALL the ammo was gone.  Just like last time... 2013?

But ammo is back!  Lots available from online purveyors.  Even .22.

I suspect there was a lot of new gun buyers recently.  And new owners aren't like gun nuts laying in 2,000 rounds when they get jittery about future availability.  Since the last panic us gun nuts took it to heart and have had 5 years to top off the stocks and we did, so the panic only made us surge a little bit.  That's by theory at least.  I didn't even look for ammo back in March.  And if I was I wouldn't be shopping for something 10,000 this time.   Maybe I'd have gone for 1,000 of practice ammo and a few hundred HSTs?  If I was needing to top off, and, like I said, no need. 


"Have a baseline in stowage, T-Bolt, just draw from that in lean times."

True.  And I did, last panic.  But last panic coincided with me going to practice nigh-weekly.  After a few months of even light practice weekly, I was eroding the stocks too much and Causing Concern.  I should have readjusted my mindset before that panic when I had ramped up my usage.


Bigus Macus said...

So after living the several ammo scares, the BO scare, the Great Hillary Apocalypse, and now the ChiCom Flu scare. I haven't needed to make a purchase in years, and that's with going to the range on a regular basis.

Unknown said...

Have a baseline stock in storage and rotate as you get new stuff