Wednesday, May 6, 2020


My State's health department has some DATA under its belt now.

Snapshot:  1290 deaths.

Here is the age breakdown:

Check out a close up of that showing deaths a bit closer:

Over age 60:  553+311+199 = 1,043
Under age 60:  86+32+17+9 = 144
(83 insufficient info on age)


No kids.  Gen Z bounces back.  Millennials at 26, Gen X at 118.

The old people are hit hard.  And nursing homes extra hard.  They are taking it in the shorts.  525 residents struck down:

My zip code is one of the hardest hit in the state.  What lies in my zip code?  Leisure World.  A very large retirement and assisted living community.

So far, for every 10 Marylanders that die from the Chinese Communist Covid 19, 1 is under 60, and 4 lived in a nursing home.

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McChuck said...

Really nice statistical graph there.
The under-40s don't add up to the 40-49.
The under-50s don't add up to the 50-59.
The under-60s don't add up to the 60-69.
The under 70s add up to about the 70-79.
The under-80s add up to about the 80+.

Yeah. Sure. This is a civilizational threat that we needed to burn the Constitution and impoverish one fifth of all working families for.