Sunday, May 3, 2020

What a great dream

I dreamt I moved into a new house, and my bedroom was extra long.  Door at one end, windows along one wall that faced northeast, and an alcove at the far end with a wrap around window that was shaded by the building a bit to the northwest.

It was probably 12 feet wide, but 4 or 5 'bedrooms' long.

The southwest wall was shelves for books, and doors for closets and a small alcove or two, an enclosed phone booth, and one for a bathroom.

I was setting it up like I was some kind of powerful official that summoned underlings to his chambers.  A sitting area or lounge near the door, desk and file cabinets in the middle, bed at the window end.  All decorated in Art Deco style.

Even with the simple Deco lines it still seemed too fancy.  Opulent, even.

But at least I was able to keep all my books in one room.

No way I could afford this.  Unless that was the ONLY room in my house. 


Heh.  Sorta like this but less tall and wide

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