Saturday, May 2, 2020

I got a Mantis in my pantis

Any of youse ever try out the Mantis trainers?

I've seen this gizmo before, but now it is popping up more prominently.  Online reviews are pretty positive but I was wondering if folks I 'know' through here have played with it.

Or have you tried any other types of apps on your phone for dry fire tuning?

I'm looking for some social distance toys to play with that are on topic.


Ratus said...

I got the X10 about mid-April, so far it's been nice.

I've been going through the training program on the app.

The feedback is pretty good and the app is decent.

If you have a pistol with a rail, you are good to go. If you don't get a rail floorplate.

I got mine from Brownells, they give you a discount if you are a veteran and I used one of the coupon codes that and got an extra $20 off.

Brownells also has some of the MantisX replacement magazine floorplates for less than the MantisX site.

kirkster said...

I also got a mantisX10 and a magazine baseplate for my 1911s and it fits the rails of my EuroPellet guns as well. I find it to be a good training aid the app is good.

I currently have 1700 rounds logged through it on 5 different guns. It does help you correct things, and is really good for helping newbees at the range when they ask for help as you can just plop it on their gun and they see instant feedback.

I would like to try and use some of the more advanced modes with drawing from a holster and such but need an outdoor range for that.

Would buy again...