Friday, May 29, 2020

Grocery addendum

I prefer the NY Strip.  I tried to get into the Ribeye cut, and it's fine, no mistake!  I just like a bit more meat versus fat, and the strop is easier to manuever about.

I call for Medium at a restaurant because I don't prefer blue rare, and I don't prefer well done.  Ask for medium and they will usually get somewhere in the middle

When I cook it at home in my skillet (I have no outside grill) I have dialed in how long a side to get medium rare.  Which IS my preference.  Cooked, yes, but still with some life to it.  I don't judge the people that eat it blue.  Good on them.  I do just the people that take it well.  Judging right now.  ~squint~

Angle Soft TP was available.  My usual brand.  MEGA rolls.  Just waiting for normal now.   Not there yet.  Won't be there next week.

"Why did you go back to the grocery store, T-Bolt?  If you are like me and everyone I know your hording instinct kicked in and you have slowly filled your pantry fridge and freezer to capacity since March."

You are right.  But it's getting hot.  I was missing a crucial ingredient. Time to bust out the gin, it is clear-likker season.  And that means tonic water needed fetching. 

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