Sunday, May 31, 2020

What's Open Here

What's open and how wide in the Free State?

First, what can't be shut down?  The juice to your house.  If you don't pay the power bill, you keep your lights til at least July 1.  No late fees either.  Same with water, gas, phone, and cable.

Brewpubs and wineries and restaurants, outdoor seating only, distance customers, paper one-use or sanitized menus.

Outdoor youth sports can come back some.  As can a few other outdoor activities.  Keep your distance, and no one from Jersey!.  Pools can open at 25% cap.

My County, modified operations WITH guidelines:

  1. Retail: Curbside only.
  2. Restaurants and bars: Outdoor seating (delivery and curbside pick-up continues).
  3. Childcare: Open for dependents of essential employees and Phase 1 reopening employees.
  4. Personal services: Hair salons and barber shops for hair only. By appointment.
  5. Houses of worship: Virtual or drive-in services or outdoor gatherings of 10 or fewer participants.
  6. Manufacturing: Fully reopen but with precautions.
  7. Car washes: Exterior service only.
  8. Outdoor produce pickings: Pick-your-own operations.
  9. Outdoor day camps: Following Maryland Department of Health guidelines.
  10. Outdoor youth sports: Following Maryland Department of Health guidelines.

2400 dead from it in Maryland, half of those are nursing home residents.

Plenty of testing capacity.   The graph that tracks the percent positive versus testing rate is absolutely useless.  It tells us nothing.  It LOOKS like a positive development as the 'trend' is down, but is it only looking like that because they aren't just testing the obviously afflicted because test quantity is short and priotitized?

The 'experts not knowing' was sort of expected with a novel new strain.  But my expectation for timely and useful data sharing was overly optimistic.  The only relatively useful chart is the confirmed death bar graph, but the bars change almost before you eyes with constant behind the scene correction, impacting my faith in the veracity again.

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