Thursday, November 25, 2021

Been thinking about the setup

They knew Kyle would rush up to put out a fire.  They'd seen him do it.

What if Rosenbaum coordinated with the fire starter and the unknown pistol shooter?  To get Kyle out of place for an ambush.  Rosenbaum had hair on his ass and was willing to take the risk.  He chose poorly.  After Rosenbaum was shot the mob…mobbed, and numbers looked for strikes to Kyle's rear if the opportunity presented.  Jump kick from behind.  Huber's skate board on the flank.  Grosskreutz with the Glock.  I doubt these had anything but just the most general coordination.  Nothing beyond, 'get em!'

But angry Rosenbaum, he wanted a scalp.  Crazy and stupid and angry.  His attack might have had more planning to it.

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Mike V said...

That does make sense. And I think the pistol shooter was Kaminski who was with Rosenbaum.