Saturday, November 27, 2021

When I Worked at the Brewery

I was poor.  And working a crew at the bottling line was boring, so we'd jaw-about.  "First thing you do if you won the lottery?"  "Two chicks at the same time..."  

My first thing?  To buy a restaurant quality citrus juicer.  I liked OJ with my brefass, and the only OJ I knew was this:

Not satisfactory, and I didn't like the pulp.  I wanted fresh for once, I was a lottery winner.  So, this is what I wanted:

When I started a better paying office job and moved into this house my mom went grocery shopping to help fill my cabinets while me and the boys moved in my furniture.  One of the things she got was this: 

 And my life changed.  THIS tasted fresh enough and I didn't have to do any pulp alleviation.  My juicer dreams went on hold, even tho my means didn't require a lottery jackpot to afford one.  Besides, that juicer takes up a lotta counter real estate i na small kitchen.  

I gotta get rid of that air fryer.  Upgrade the toaster oven at the same time (stove and toaster hidden by fridge).  Keep the mini convection oven capability and free up that counter space.

I digress

My mind revisited this ole citrus-squeezer dream every now and then until I finally got this:

It's a compromise, but still good.  Seven medium sized oranges through a strainer later and I enjoyed a nice glass of my own fresh squeezed.  Another thing off the bucket list.  And now I am eyeballing the pomegranates.  


McChuck said...

I don't know from juicers, but America's Test Kitchen does gadget reviews (and recipes, of course). Here is a recent review on air fryers, including toaster/convection ovens.

Windy Wilson said...

They still make those?
I have one from my mother and father, probably from the early fifties when they first married, set up housekeeping and took vacations that did not involve children and tents.