Thursday, November 11, 2021

Been thinking

What with the Supreme Court case, and the failures of judgement of Kye Rittenhouse placing himself, of his own volition, into the wrong place at the wrong time, for good reasons, perhaps...

No matter.

What if, in some crazy parallel universe, the Supreme court rules that the entire country is Constitution Carry, and all gun free zones are a violation.

Then the gun 'bans' would be on the individual carriers.  We'd ban ourselves.

"That outdoor event will be super crowded.  Easy to get pickpocketed.  I better not go or if I do leave my pistol at home or switch to super-deep relatively inaccessible carry."  

"I better not hit the Bank of America ATM on Mugme Street, it is after 11PM, after all.... Not without 3 friends."

"Big protest downtown.  I agree with the cause but there are likely to be angry counter protesters.  Better stay home. "  (Tho, funny story, I was in Cleveland when a protest appeared around me. I was armed, as were the people I was with.  But it was just green haired upper middle class college students in a tony part of the restaurant district.  'Who's streets?  Our streets.' with no real enthusiasm.  No big deal.)

I mean, you CAN ban yourselves.  Or you can open carry in a floppy holster and get disarmed by any kid with a notion to.  And the sliding scale between the two with various levels of retention and wariness.  For me, and I am sure about all of you, there is a little extra responsibility assumed when carrying.  In my advanced age I try to apply more common sense than when I was a knucklehead youngster.

But heck, with universal Constitution carry, maybe that'd be like the floor of an NRA show.  Lots of carry, no shennanigans, no drama.

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