Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Not much 2A news

The SCOTUS case won't be ruled on til June.  Mebbe there will be news during the arguments here soon.

Mass shooting in a mall?  Only 2 hits and the shooter was a felon.  No news traction.

I have no interest in getting a new blaster.  Bout the only thing that interests me is something with a can.  .22 or .45.  But not til I get my energy.

Speaking of energy.  Been on capsule flavored Chemo.  IV Chemo is Tuesday Wednesday of Thanksgiving week.  Joy.  Poor timing, that.  Turkey sammiches for me at home in my clean house.  If I feel like eating, that is.... 

I was just as surprised about the election results as you.


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Will said...

Had a couple days in hospital in the summer. Turns out nothing wrong, but they reflexively tossed a couple scrips at me. Did a very brief search on the web, and discovered that BOTH meds are listed as major trouble, one of them old tech that has been discovered to be a potential killer due to screwing up a required balance in your system.
Then, of course, I seemed to have picked up some bug that flared after getting home.

Anyway, due to this latest peek at how badly the medical field can/does screw up, I grabbed a kindle book: Butchered by "Healthcare", by Yoho, MD.
Entertaining, and very informative. Now I understand why that med, and other ones, are still available, and I'm not far into it.