Wednesday, November 24, 2021


Was it dumb to step up and try to protect a friends place from commies the cops refused to control? 

I wouldn't say dumb.  It seems like his motivations ended up being purely honorable, too.

It may not have been wise.  Going out there might easily get you wrapped around the legal axle, Kyle, and hindsight has proved that out.  The court case could have gone against you.  And it gave you month of misery before emerging from the darkness.  A wiser move might have avoided all that, but at least it ended satisfactorily.  He was just a roof-Korean on the ground, a less than optimal tactical positioning.

Medal of Freedom from President Biden?  Sure, why not.  Would help handsy-Joe's poll numbers.  

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Mike V said...

Rittenhouse will g et a Medal Of Freedom from Biden when turkeys can fly.