Monday, November 1, 2021

Mr. Clean

Ooops.  Thought a scheduled a post for today.

With the help of My Buddy the Gun Enthusiast and his missus, I got a LOT of cleaning done this weekend.  Like cleaned stuff I had been neglecting for 15 years.  

His wife LOVES to clean houses.  And I love her.  Not like that.  Anyway, they offered to help a fella out.  This was like a a detail-strip of my house instead of a infrequent interval of a field-strip cleaning.

And it is glorious.

I can't get down on the floor so easy these days and there was a dust possum under my bed, for example.  

They hauled a full sized capped pickup truck bed worth of junk to the dump.  That might have been the most important bit.  

I feel so... lightweight.  Like me and the house could fly if I got a handful of helium balloons attached to it.       

So pleased and thankful right now.  

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Carteach said...

Reinforcing my lagging belief in humanity.