Tuesday, November 2, 2021

One thing about a super clean

Is you find a lotta stuff.  Found a lot more gun book and gunsmithing supplies.

And you also dream of better organization. 

I have a messy crowded wood shop.  For working wood.  Not guns.  I have the equivalent of four of five bins of gunsmithing tools and books and supplies.  There is no room for gunsmithing in my wood shop.  Only woodworking.  But now I can dream of making a little nook.  Or at least shelving to get the gun stuff off the bench and on a shelf.  Then neaten up the woodshop.

I might not have the energy or enervated nerves to WORK in the shop, but with some help (that I am most grateful for) I might be able to organize the shop.  And wouldn't that be nice.  

One thing I am thinking is wheeled dollies to LOTS of this stuff.  Put stuff in a bin, stack 3 bins on a dolly.  Mobile organization.  Where is winter clothes?  In those bins on that dolly in the back that are all labelled winter clothes.  Easy to get to, just wheel these stacks out of the way... 

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Will said...

Keep them as single subjects as much as possible, and mark the contents on 5 sides (4 plus lid). Also, number them, and keep a list. The time you save will mount up. Number PLUS contents really helps. Consider different size bins to make it more efficient, and each bin a manageable weight. Machinist vice? Smaller bins, and one each, mostly, for example.