Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Yeah, It's a Mystery

What did the prosecution think they were doing in the Rittenhouse case?

I don't need to tell you if you have been paying the least bit attention to it.  The prosecutorial witnesses all get turned into defense witnesses.  

If it weren't for the controversy and high visibility and politics of the thing this whole case would have been dropped long ago, in a rational world.

"Withdraw all charges." "Directed verdict."  "Case dismissed."  

I still don't feel comfortable with Kyle being there.  Stuff went down because he was there and obviously armed.  On full display.  And that made him a foci of the awful people that show up on purpose to riot and destroy.  Nothing good happens after dark.  If you wanna be a Roof Korean, stay on your roof.  Your store.  Don't be Batman until after you make your first billion.

Yes, Kyle did all those things wrong.  That doesn't mean he didn't defend himself lawfully.  It's not a crime to be out after 10, it's just increases the likelihood of bad results occurring when you are out after 10.  He effed up, but not in a 'needs time in prison now' kind of effed.      


And now HE takes the stand.  Did not expect that.  Doing fine, and DA's office is covering themselves with the same amount of glory they have the entire trial.  


Was is wrong to go to Kenosha?  No, not WRONG.  Just tempting fate.  At least he was able to defend himself instead of going all Reginald Denny.  



McChuck said...

Yes, it wasn't his home he was defending. Concord bridge wasn't the home of any of the Minutemen, either.

riverrider said...

i'm with mcchuck. plus, he has as much or more right to be there as the rioters. he was invited. he didn't come armed, he brought a first aid bag. he was armed by his friend who was rightfully looking out for his safety. blame the rioters. no riot, no shooting. when he gets out, i want to go to his tactical shooting school, lol.

Angus McThag said...

He didn't get singled out and jumped because he was openly armed. He was one of several in his group who were.

He got singled out because he got separated from his group by the police line and wasn't one of the rioters.

I hesitate to speculate what would have happened to an unarmed person under otherwise identical circumstances.