Thursday, November 18, 2021

Falling Apart

Going to the Orthopedist today.  In the long list of kitchen sink health issues I am struggling with, my left wrist feels broken.  It may not BE broken, but let's let a pro tell me one way or another.  Get a brace or a cast or stretches to do... whatever.  

My guess, carpal tunnel.  

I can't take my wallet out of my pocket, tuck my shirt in, or draw from a holster right now.  I am nigh helpless to defend myself.  If the Rittenhouse riots come to my street I am boned.   

This does wear on a fella.  I feel like one of those tender vittles that always got hurt back in school.  I looked down on them, then, but now karma returns. 


Mike V said...

I'd suggest a cane or staff for self defense if you think you could manage one with your off hand.

Glenn B said...

Getting old sucks.