Sunday, November 7, 2021


I bought maybe 3 Soldier of Fortune magazines in my life.  In the 80's.  One of em reviewed a stainless Colt Python, I remember that.  There was another article about bounty hunters.  Another about modern military Sniper doctrine, and concentrate on Israelis (that was where some of the action was, after all.)

Well this fell out of one of the magazine and I found it during the recent clean.  Neat.  Remember the Contras?


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Will said...

About '91, I sold my '83 Mazda B2200 diesel pickup to a group of guys that were buying any mini-pickup with diesel, and using a towbar to get a pair each down to El Salvador. They told me that when it eventually became unusable, the engine (a Perkins) would be moved to a boat for further life.
This seemed to be a regular jaunt for them, so there must have been some profit involved. I do know that there are very few of those trucks on the west coast now.

I used to buy SOF because they were the only source of real intel that was trustworthy regarding things happening outside the US, especially in the 3rd world, and occasionally here also. Recently sold all my remaining magazines on eboy, and someone bought all the SOF ones.