Saturday, November 13, 2021


Fellow blogger Miguel has had great success losing a lot of weight.  Good on ya! 

I, too, have dropped a bunch.  August 2020 I weighed in at 296.  By my neck surgery that Christmas time, I was down to 266.  I chalked it up to teetotalling a bit, because I wanted less strain on my neck and back.  I assumed back surgery was next in the cards.  

But we know, now, that Cancer may have helped drop the poundage.   And now COMPLETE teetotalling.

I was stuck at 266 for months.  Well, now chemo has started.  Down to 256.  Might have to go dig out some old pants at this rate.  REAL Chemo, not just pills, hits at Thanksgiving.  

I like being svelte, and I like how easy it is to stay at the lower level, but the circumstances helping me are unsustainable.  In 7 months the drip will be done, and I might be getting back to normal.  If in remission I may put the pounds back on.  

That's the bad news.

The good news is this cancer never goes away.  It'll come back and weight loss will be easy.

"What do you do for a diet, T-Bolt?"

Nothing.  Cancer diet!  But try to add protein, by doctor's orders.  Oh yeah, no booze.  Other than that... sedentary lifestyle.   

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