Saturday, November 20, 2021

Not Guilty

I thought the kid was Not Guilty on day one, with all the video that came out then.  

Glad he's free.  Still think it more prudent to not do stupid thing with stupid people (the rioters doing their argel-bargle) at a stupid time of night.  But stupid isn't a crime.  

Now I don't think Black Rifle Coffee Company stepped on their own d!ck by being against Kyle or being against self defense.  Their problem was talking to the NYTimes and expecting to be treated fairly, maybe motivated by their desire to take the company public, I dunno.  The frog listening to the scorpion before crossing the river.  Talking to the big Media should make as much sense as doing stupid things with stupid people at a stupid time of night.  I think BRCC made a mistake.  That or a perplexing conscious decision.  

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Hey, he probably does get that rifle back, doesn't he.


McChuck said...

He needs to get the rifle back, so he can hand it back to his friend, who loaned it to him the night of the riots. Kyle showed up with only a medical bag to help out.

Pigpen51 said...

I think that I heard some firearm company, maybe Daniel Defense or such, had offered to donate a tricked out AR 15 to Kyle.
I do know that when I was his age, I was pretty grown up, and mature. But I doubt that I could have shown the grace, poise, and courage on the stand, during the entire political grandstanding done by the media and the prosecution, and the general roar of the crowd, over something that, while might have played out in his mind, before the thing ever happened, he certainly never, ever, could have thought would really come true.
The bitch of it is, his future now has a permanent haze hanging over it, and he needs to have someone with some very solid and very wise advice to help nurture him along, and to guide him, in order for him to make his life matter, and to not just go through the motions, like many of us do. In other words, given this soapbox, I hope that he is able to use it to it's full effect, without being screwed over by those who would prefer to use it for themselves, of which there are many.