Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Sweater Weather

I hated sweaters growing up.  The wool is kid's sweaters at the price level people would buy me were always super itchy.   And I hated tight-fitting pullovers thicker than a t-shirt.

But now that I am older button down cardigans appeal.  Especially as I am more cold-sensitive with the cancer and all.  

I can afford decent ones, too.  But there is a downside to the nice stuff.  Fabric care.  Dry clean only?  Like that is gonna happen.  But people had sweaters longer than the dry clean process.  If I have a care I can cold hand-wash in Woolite and dry by sandwiching between two towels on a flat surface.  I can also help that care regime with blends.  I'm no cashmere snob.  

There is only one problem with drifting toward a shawl collar cardigan.  The vibe is more Mr. Rodgers, or besotted Irish middle aged pub rat if I am in my cups.  The right white pullover and a captains hat and I'd look like a U-Boat Captain. 

Seriously, tho.  I used to just wear a shirt, all winter long, with the thermostat set to 68.  Now it is t-shirt, flannel shirt, wool socks, and sweater and I am tempted to turn up the dial.  And that's when the temperature outside dips below 50.  


oops, set for wrong 6 o'clock


Larry Mahindra said...

I did a lot of traveling in the past working in television. Wool is the way to go and modern wool is not itchy. I have underwear and I have sweaters. I did two years of Mr. Rogers and still have the cardigan he gave to everyone at the yearly holiday dinner. You said price is no problem and I have ordered from this company a few times. Last order took 9 days.

Borepatch said...

T-Bolt, The Queen Of The World (cancer survivor) says this isn't cancer, it's old age.

Larry Mahindra said...

Forgot to mention. You can hand wash, hang overnight and wear the next day. Airline employees love this stuff for that fact. Also a warning not to use the glass coffee pot in your hotel room for this reason.

Marty said...

Wearing my Big Lebowski Pendleton sweater today.


Pigpen51 said...

I remember when in high school winter sports, after practice, and a quick shower, walking home at about 7pm, with the Michigan air temperature hovering at about 10 degrees, in a bit over a half mile, my long, 1977 hair would freeze before I made it into the house, with ice hanging down the back of my head.
Now, my summer haircut is part of shaving my face. In the winter, I wear the heaviest hat I can get. I feel like Walter Matthieu in Grumpy Old Men, ice fishing on a Minnesota lake.
Best wishes to you, in your health journey. My wife went through breast cancer 6 years ago, and as you know, it isn't for sissies. I don't comment here much, by know that I am a firm believer in prayer, that it works, and when I say that I am praying for someone, I am. I have been praying for you, since I heard you were in need. Stay strong, my friend, you have been a source of inspiration for many, for a long time.
Tim in Muskegon MI tlk78@yahoo.com