Thursday, November 4, 2021

Bloodymore, Murerland

Well, I guess there is some news, and local, in Baltimore Maryland.

Perennially bedecked with some of worst crime in the country, pound for pound, my state's largest city is on an upswing of violence right now.  Bigwig city politicians are proud and happy for the largesse coming their way to ostensibly tamper down this upswing.  That money might be doing something but... it has no impact apart from greasing pockets that need to be greased.

The American Rescue Plan's Safe Streets is hogwash.  At least in Baltimore.  Prolly in your local city, too.

So it goes.  

The city takes, but no longer produces.  More money goes in than value comes out.  Every extra dollar sent into it is a dollar consumed with nigh zero returns on that investment.  At least this money came from the printer, so people in Oregon are also paying, and not just me and my neighbors. 


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McChuck said...

Oh, come now. All that money does produce results. Leftists get richer, anti-American "protest" groups get more funding, and more violent crime occurs. All things good for Democrat leadership.