Monday, November 29, 2021

Today is my Third Infusion

Real infusion.  Not counting what felt exactly like infusion in the infusion room those three time times but was really an excuse to take labs and give my fluids and get me in practice.

Remember when I told you they lie?  "It's will be be just a coupla infusions, 4 hours each.  I know I told you zero before."  It's more like 10, plus.  Up to 9 hours.

"Someone didn't tell you to bring a lunch and blanket."  Nope.  This is a hospital.  You don't have blankets?

It's sugar coating and lies of omissions.  Just give me the straight unvarnished truth.  I've told you that, need to tell you again.  Maybe ask my real life expectancy.

Anyway, I felt no side effect from the first 2 real chemo type infusions.  Horray 21st Century advances.  No vomiting, no nausea, prolly will keep my eyebrows.  Great success so far!  I look forward to seeing the labs for THIS one.  Numbers were kinda normalizing....  Hemoglobin up to almost normal, white blood cells down to almost normal.  Good stuff.  I bet that giant lymph node in my gut has shrunk, too.



No side-effects.


ProudHillbilly said...

Gack! That ain't right! We had warmed blankets whenever we wanted and a variety of snacks and drinks.

Glad your body is dealing with chemo well.

Nathan said...

Yeah, I got snacks, blankets, and coffee with my poison.

My infusions were about 4-5 hours each. I couldn't do the accelerated course because I had a reaction to the cyto-whatever (I had R-CHOP.)