Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Furniture Shopping

I wanna upgrade two old and busted furniture items.  A hand me down club chair, and a 90s sofabed.  Get something GOOD.  

See em?  You can see the recliner like at the top of this blog.  The green chair and the sofa.

Get the new hotness delivered.

And get the old thing hauled away.

I always wanted something like a Chesterfield.   And this one is wide enough I can sleep on it.

Can't decide with the chairs...  

Which style?  All have something going for them.



Miguel GFZ said...

Extended arm support.
Butt cushion seems ample and soft
Any flat board long enough could placed on the arms to be used as desk....OK, TV tray.

KurtP said...

I'd go for #2.
The other ones don't look comfortable, and I like that look.