Sunday, November 21, 2021

Well THIS win was totally unexpected

"Ghost Guns" Quality (ahem) firearms you make yourself at home, a totally normal and un-nefarious act, is not gonna be illegal in Washington DC

I never expect surprise wins.  It seems to always go the other way.  The ratchet of rights restrictions tightens their way, not our.  But here is a good one.  

The District of Columbia has dealt with Dick Heller before, and lost Bigly.  Don't want anymore of that guy all up in their face.  

Why work such a Bill in the first place?  Criminal could (and have) built guns and used them to commit felonies, and these guns weren't traceable back to the last legal purchaser or gun store.  As opposed to committing felonies with guns acquired from some legal purchaser or gun store by some illegal means.  I mean, c'mon, the point is the committed felonies, not trying to find the last innocent that laid hands on something and wrap that poor person around an axle.  Focus!

At least making guns from 80% frames or lowers is better than zip guns or pipe shotguns.  And there certainly is a totally licit purpose for same. 

But the DC council wasn't writing a bill that made sense and took sensical things into account, and Heller called em on it before they made a mistake.

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