Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Heavy Ads

Been seeing a LOT of adds for Vedder holsters recently.  LOTS. 

Dunno why.

More than usual after I have shopped for holster online and the internet ad disease senses my interest and blitzes me on every platform.  Shot of a shirt on Duluth's Trading Company's website directly and now Facebook AND google and serving up Ballroom Underwear ads. 

But all three of those are biggish companies.

Why is Vedder, a company I had never heard of 3 months ago going for a big ad buy?  Or, not big, but somehow targeting me and a few other very specifically?

They look sorta middling, quality wise.  Based in Florida.  I dunno if I'd get one, but they look to be a bit better than Fobus, Blackhawk!, and Uncle Mike's.  Maybe?  The OWB holster look to be a little lacking.

If a new shooter got one I'd be pleased.  I recommend to all new shooter to order a decent holster in the one-week waiting period.  They haven't convinced me to use their company by name, yet.

You all been seeing these, like, everywhere?

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David said...

I see lots of ads for Vedder on FB. It's the "you bought it, now we'll show ads" marketing ploy. I own three Vedder holsters and have recommended to friends who are happy with them too. Thin, comfortable and adjustable.