Sunday, October 28, 2018

I agree

I agree with this gentleman.

Capacity is low, yes.  And there is a high bar to clear in attention to the innards to be sure it goes out acting reliably.  Its gotta be right to start.  It's a good idea to know its ins and outs.  And don't run it dry for 500+ rounds.  Most don't have the time or the inclination or both to learn to get it right, and that is fine.

Check those boxes, and you have a great 8 shot pistol.  Or 10 shot pistol if 9mm.  But that's expensive and time consuming and a higher bar to clear, skill-wise, than a 17 shot 9mm (15 shot .45) pistol at more than half the market price.  And probably a 5th.  


Antibubba said...

It doesn't fit my hand. That's the big disqualifier for me.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

What DOES fit your hand?

Windy Wilson said...

The wonderful people running the state of California have seen fit to deem ten bullets in a pistol the maximum a gentleman needs to take care of himself and others in the presence of homicidal goblins. So That's what I have.

Jerry The Geek said...

You might want to try (for example) the 2011 from STI in Brownsville, texas. They use to (and probably still do) market a 1911-type action in a double stack.

I bought the first 2011 in 10mm a decade or two back; still have it, it's still my go-to gun. You can get them in .40S&W of course, and that's a compromise. I prefer the authority of 10mm, but even I handload the to .45ACP power levels because ... muzzle flip on a full-load 10mm is more suitable for hunting than for defense or competition.

Why did I go for the 10mm instead of the forty? There were a LOT of problems during the early days of the .40S&W because people were shooting them in competition in pistols which did not have a fully-supported chamber; also the early forty ammunition was thin-skinned toward the base. The competition put too much emphasis on power, so people over charged their ammo and blew out their magazines (and sometimes more precious parts) when the gun went KaBOOM!

The 10mm is build for hot loads, and the STI EDGE which I special ordered held all that power and directed it where it belonged .. downrange, not into your fist.

I still have the 10mm Edge. Don't shoot competition any more (my eyesight is inadequate for iron sight competition) but I take the Edge out every now and then just to admire the smooth action and the authoritative BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Seventeen rounds, then reload. Sweet!