Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Range 9 OCT

Had some holler points that I thought were Federal HST.  Nope.  Hydra Shok, 124gr.  Dang, why did I buy those?  Oh well, good for testing.

50 of those, 10 of AE 115gr to start.

  1. What?  AGAIN?  Again with the flinchies?
  2. Ok better.
  3. Even better
  4. Meh.
  5. Ok. This one I am trying to relax and be careful.  If I get to careful I over think, but I think I did ok here.  Best yet.  
  6. Not shabby, had to correct myself those two times, but I knew I did them.

Really have slipped a bit.  Revolver for a few sessions put me off my game.   I am confident I will get it all back, tho.