Monday, October 22, 2018

You shoulda seen the scratches BEFORE


Will said...

If you can't polish out those scratches near the front, consider doing front grasping grooves.
Glassbeading really works well for stainless, but it can't hide that sort of surface damage, only make it less obvious.
It's easy to do glassbeading yourself. Order a plastic blast cabinet that's about 24" square from a tool purveyor such as Horror Fright, buy a 2hp air compressor, and a bucket of fine beads.
Get a 220v unit, as they work better than the 110v versions. Some are two voltage switchable. 110v will require a 20 amp circuit, and it struggles to reach about 100psi.

A small granite stone for lapping purposes helps. If you get one big enough you can use an indicator with a base to measure parts.

Will said...

Forgot to mention about compressors. Try to find a v-twin compressor. The vertical twin designs are cheaper, but they vibrate everything in the vicinity like a jackhammer. Much noisier as a result. I would also avoid the oiless versions, as they are also incredibly noisy.